06 August 2009

Lies. and Well, no wonder.

In the post below, I claimed that the German lyrics were saying "tut schnell" but that really doesn't make sense... I wracked my brain last night trying to figure out what in the world they were actually saying... and gave up and had to finish the post and figured no one would call me out on it before I found a real answer.

I asked my German-expert friend what the heck they were saying and he said:

Matt Wehner: It's Dutch. I tried to look up the lyrics, no idea. lol on the acting though!

Well, duh. It didn't make sense in German, because it's not in German.
That whole freaking thing is in Dutch, not German. They just sound that much alike that I thought the parts I didn't understand were just because I wasn't catching the German.

Why do I keep accidentally understanding languages I don't actually know?!

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Chela said...

heidenkind just posted a comment on your weblog entry: "Lies. and Well, no wonder."

LOL You liar, you. One of my friends speaks Dutch and sometimes to amuse each other she'll speak in Dutch and I'll speak in German. They are really similar languages.