About Me

Hi!  I´m Chela.  Welcome!

I´m from New Orleans, though my parents are from Mexico.  I grew up speaking both Spanish and English at home, and have enjoyed studying linguistics and learning new languages for as long as I can remember.  I love to travel, too.

I started this blog as a personal notebook for myself--just a place to jot down linguistic curiosities and oddities I happen upon in life.  

I wasn´t expecting to have so many readers--thanks for stopping by.  I always appreciate your comments and responses.

You can find me at all things kyreles.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter.

But if you see things video-game related (ADOM, WoW, etc.) with the username kyreles, that´s my husband.  Also the gmail!  He stole it out from under me.  

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Margot said...

This blog is awesome!!!! You're the only one I've seen post anything serious and really good about the lyrics of the song waka waka by shakira!