About Me

Hi!  I´m Chela.  Welcome!

I´m from New Orleans, though my parents are from Mexico.  I grew up speaking both Spanish and English at home, and have enjoyed studying linguistics and learning new languages for as long as I can remember.  I love to travel, too.

I started this blog as a personal notebook for myself--just a place to jot down linguistic curiosities and oddities I happen upon in life.  

I wasn´t expecting to have so many readers--thanks for stopping by.  I always appreciate your comments and responses.

You can find me at all things kyreles.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter.

But if you see things video-game related (ADOM, WoW, etc.) with the username kyreles, that´s my husband.  Also the gmail!  He stole it out from under me.  


Margot said...

This blog is awesome!!!! You're the only one I've seen post anything serious and really good about the lyrics of the song waka waka by shakira!

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