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Currently, I am the Senior Sales Representative at Verizon Wireless, where my responsibilities not only include being a sales leader, but also being a coach for the sales team and a liaison between them and upper management. Every year I've been in sales at Verizon, I've qualified for Verizon's Winner's Circle--an honor awarded to the top 10% of sales people in the company nationwide. I take pride in my ability to connect with customers and build profitable, long-lasting relationships.

However, my background and passion are in international marketing and research, and I am eager to return to that field.

For two years I worked at the Alabama International Trade Center, a Small Business Development Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a global market analyst.  I was very passionate about my work there, and excelled.  I consider what I learned there very valuable, and would love to re-enter the world of small business development, and get back to my market research roots.  At the AITC, I became well versed in helping clients identify target countries for exporting, determine costs and financial risks, evaluate pricing options, review logistics, and find reliable sales partners.  I started as part of their internship program, excelled in marketing research, and partook in countless client outreach and training activities.  I also trained and organized interns, and assigned and managed their research projects.  I can assure you I am smart, ambitious, and passionate about helping local companies grow as a result of international partnerships and trade.

I am a New Orleans native and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama in 2008.  I was the recipient of UA’s Presidential Merit and Achievement Scholarship, a National Merit Finalist, and a National Hispanic Scholar.  I double majored in International Marketing and German, and double minored in Math and French.  I am also a native speaker of both English and Spanish, and consider foreign languages one of my fortes.

You can download my resume here.


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