04 May 2014

Verbs Not Necessary

I don´t know if this is a New Orleans thing, or a general people thing, but I had never really heard people speak sentences without verbs until I moved back to New Orleans after college.  Maybe only then did I start dealing with the general public, instead of with generally educated people.  I don´t know.  I blogged about this before, here.  Back then, I was dumbfounded when my coworker had texted me, "We on are way."  I´ll never forget that moment.

I now hear people speak without verbs almost daily.  I still cringe.  It´s beyond bizzare, to me.  Yesterday, driving home, I was at a red light.  There was a gas station across the way with one of those electronic advert boards.  It was scrolling through promotions, and I happened to notice:


My mouth was agape too long for me to get my phone and take a picture before the light turned green.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Hall said:

That is hilarious, Chela. But of course you know you are cheating a little to make your point. The verb is "except." Unfortunately, the imbecile who wrote it cannot spell "accept."

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