08 August 2010

My name gets mispronounced a lot.

Shellondra (no joke--this actually happened--at the UA SHC)

Even when I started working at my current place of employment, one of my managers called my Shay-luh for about a month.  At one of my previous jobs in college, my boss´ boss (with whom I admittedly did not work with very often) called me Chee-luh for an entire semester when I was in his class even though I had worked in his office for two years.

It´s ok.  I´m used to it.  I´m usually genuinely surprised when someone guesses correctly.  Cheh-luh.  That´s how you say it.  Yes, like a cello but with an a.  Yes, I get that a lot.
When I go to restaurants or places where I have to give my name, I always use Rachel, my middle name, to avoid confusion.


My coworker Marvin started jokingly/affectionately calling me Sheh-lay-lee.  I never dreamed this was a real word.  Indeed, it is.  Thought I´d share.

shil·le·lagh   /ʃəˈleɪli, -lə/
Also, shil·la·la, shil·la·lah, shil·le·lah.
–noun (esp. in Ireland)
a cudgel, traditionally of blackthorn or oak.

1670–80;  < Ir Síol Éiligh town in Co. Wicklow; 
the adjoining forest provided wood for the clubs. 
From Irish Gaelic sail (cudgel) + éille  (leash, thong)

I went to Wicklow back in 08.

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