20 August 2010

I don´t think they get it.

So there´s this brand of diet frozen meals called Michelina´s Lean Gourmet.  Remember when we blogged about malamanteaus?  Here´s the link.
I think Michelina´s is trying to make some malamanteaus on the insides of their cardboard boxes, but... I don´t think they get it.  I don´t think they get how these are supposed to work.

Here are some good malamanteaus:

  • spork
  • skort
  • Brangelina
  • blog
  • liger
  • muppet
  • smog
  • televangelist
  • WiFi

Here are some bad ones:


I will continue to post these as I find them, because they´re terrible.
The meals are delicious and cheap; their advertising... is low budget.


Chris Mansel said...

I tell people that I speak american and not english and they agree right away but do they think about it? What a culture we live in where everything has to be shrunk down to meet the attention of span of soundbites but soon that won't be good enough. A little lite reading for the mind, haha. Readers Digest still sells amazingly well.

Chela said...

Thankgah for Readers Digest, huh? Well, language generally evolves in the direction of efficiency and simplification, but I´m too much of a romantic to really embrace efficiency so fully--linguistic or otherwise.