15 January 2011

World's First "Promercial"

So a few months back I blogged about this new word I heard, "prosumer."  In that post I learned, in the context that I heard the word, prosumer = professional + consumer.

So what about "promercial"?  A commercial for prosumers? The New York Times claims it's actually promotion + commercial.  Now, maybe I'm mistaken here but aren't commericals ALL promotions?  Come on, now.
What they actually mean is that not only will there continue to be product placement in tv shows we watch, but now there will be a commercial before said tv episode, promoting both the product that will be placed and the episode itself.

Obviously, this is happening because of the prevalence of TiVo-type devices that very easily allow viewers to fast foward through commercials.  ABC did it first.  A triple punch.  1) The upcoming episode of Cougar Town was going to have Diet Dr. Pepper all up in it.  2) Throughout the day, leading up to that episode, they aired promercials--previews for that night's episode--particularly the part of the episode that includes the product pitch.  3) On their wobsite, they featured extended footage from said episode--but of course before you can watch the clip you have to watch a Diet Dr. Pepper commercial.

You can watch this historic event here.

Lol I agree with Time's Graeme McMillan, "If this kind of thing continues, how long before we get a prepromercial to let us know that there might be an advertisement to tell us about the advertisement hidden in real content somewhere in our future?"

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